Waldorf inspired dolls

Forest Folk is pleased to announce the arrival of lovingly created dolls from Everyday Beautiful. This clever mama manages to squeeze in some serious crafting in amongst all the things she has going on.

Waldorf dolls main thing is that reflect the child’s experience of their world. The first doll is a knotted cloth doll, often with really long hat. The soft body is like how a baby is - babies are learning from the get go, but gross motor skills ain’t their thing. The long hat can offer respite from teething pains.

As the baby turns into a toddler and gains some control of their limbs, the doll best suited is a cover all. The arms don’t have much range of movement, the head might have eyes and a mouth, but the expression is open to whatever the child wants to imagine. Usually they have a hat. No annoying hair to get in the way of fun. They’re sturdy dolls that can play, jump etc as young children do.

As the child masters trickerer things such as buttons, putting on clothes and doing hair (they typically have LOTS of hair for this reason) they enjoy a limb doll as a playmate. The face is still open to whatever the child wants it to be, and may even help the child express their emotions. These are the most expensive doll due to all the many hours that go into making such dolls.

Regardless of which doll is right for your child, know that warmth and love will be in abundance. Only natural fibers are used to create them. This encourages the sense of touch; a reminder that we’re all connected to the natural, real world.

Dolls will be subject to availability. Limb dolls available by special order. Everyday Beautiful Dolls will supply us with different ones each time

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